Game Show Environment

This interactive Quiz Game was for the Bi-yearly Staples Global Sales meeting in Las Vegas.

This game had 4 touch screens stations, communicating scores and status between the players' and the main server. All the clients were written in Flash, and they communicated with XML messages using a PHP socket server.

Because of the complexity of this setup, there's no easy way to demonstrate the game on this site. The following videos will give you an idea how the game plays. The first video shows the game being played by a group of people. The second video gives you a close up view of the action, showing you 3 player screens and the M.C. screen. Keep in mind, people playing the game would be using touch screens, and the M.C. would be using a remote to advance the game (not the mouse as seen in the video).

Video of People Playing the Game:

Video Demonstration: